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Strategy Game | FAQ
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Is it possible to delete the village I don’t need?

You cannot delete your account by yourself. However, you should remember that game servers never access private players’ info, while Supercell never store any personal data. Therefore, you may not need to delete your village.

In case when you have any inquires regarding a Google Play account connected to the village that you do not use or need, address support reps. The details that you will have to provide include a username, clan name, XP and town hall levels.

Why do I face problems with connection?

For a great gaming experience, you need to be connected to a solid network and make sure that the signal of your mobile gadget is strong. In some cases, even full mobile and WiFi coverage is not enough for an uninterrupted connection. Local providers may experience certain problems from time to time. Furthermore, a connection is not stable when you are on the move, i.e. taking a subway or travelling in a car.

We strongly recommend changing your provider if you are constantly encountering problems and opting for a reliable 3G or 4G connection.

My chat is in the wrong language. Why?

When creating an account, your current area setting is saved by default, and the language is chosen in line with it.

When experiencing any language-connected problems, check local rankings to make sure that the settings are correct. It may happen that you first registered at CoC when being abroad. Alternatively, some countries share the servers and it may cause problems.

I was offended by a player. How can I report him/her?

Even though the CoC community is considered to be very friendly and supportive, there are some cases when certain players behave in an unacceptable manner.

If you were offended or saw someone insulting others in the global chat, please tap on the message and click ‘Report’. In case you came across some offensive content at some other place, make a screenshot of it and a screenshot of a player’s profile who posted it. Send this information to us via ‘Help & Support’ in your settings. Alternatively, you may try the toggle switch (again, check your game’s settings) that will filter out inappropriate language.

There is a problem with chat notifications

When the number of chat notifications is wrong or they are not showing whatsoever, make sure that you are playing from a single device. In case, you are using several mobile gadgets for building the same village, such a problem may persist. Your notifications will be marked ‘viewed’ on one gadget, and hence, they won’t show up on another.

Why am I asked to reload?

When having a break from the game, CoC automatically drops the connection. You will be notified about it with a pop-up question “Anyone there?”

We have implemented this system in order to warn players about leaving the game if they are not taking any actions. Indeed, anyone could use this to stay online for an unlimited period of time without being attacked. Gamers would leave their fame on, while their rivals won’t have any village to raid. Dull, isn’t it?

I would like to change my username. How can I do it?

It is possible to change your username only once, hence, choose your nickname wisely. Please note that this feature is available for only those who reached TH level 5.

To change the nickname, go the settings menu and click on ‘change name’ and follow the guidelines. It is forbidden to use any special characters, including emoji, as those may not be visible anymore after you modify the name.

For security reasons, we allow players to modify their names only once. If you see that the button ‘change name’ has turned grey, you’ve already used the option and you can’t make any more changes.

It looks like my resources disappeared. Why did it happen?

The situation when players believe that some part of their resources disappeared is very common among Clashers. However, resources can’t vanish without a trace, and the game itself can’t purchase anything using your account. The most popular explanation is the fact that you are using resources for something, be it the creation/upgrade of buildings or development of the new spells. Check your builders, troops and spell factory to see how resources are allocated. If there are absolutely no clues, make sure that your defense is at place as someone might have stolen your precious resources.

What do the space numbers of spells stand for? How many of those can be stored?

After our update in summer 2015, every spell got a number indicating the amount of space needed for its storage. The quantity of spells that you can store at the moment often depends on the level of your Spell Factory as well as the absence/presence of a Dark Spell Factory.

At the very beginning, it is possible to store only two spells. However, that amount doubles every time when you increase the level of a SF. However, the maximum storage capacity can only be reached at level five when you get ten places for your spells. You can benefit from one additional space if you have a Dark Spell Factory. Therefore, the maximum housing capacity is 11.

Only one slot is enough for a dark spell, while two are needed for a regular one. Doing simple math, you can see that it is possible to store 3 regular spells + 5 dark ones or 5 regular ones + 1 dark.

Experiment and try different strategies for best results!

There is no achievement acquired after I finished all the Goblin levels. Why?

If Get Those Goblins accomplishment is on your agenda, it is necessary to complete all Goblin levels in a single player mode, obtaining three stars at each of them. In case of completion of all the available levels, you should have 150 stars. If you have less – double check whether you’ve completed all the levels. Pay special attention to Fort Knobs as it is a level that the majority of clashers miss.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!