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Strategy Game | COC in Facts
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1. Supercell: A Giant in the Mobile Game Industry

CoC is not the only masterpiece of Supercell, a visionary mobile game company founded in Helsinki, Finland. It also introduced such hits as Boom Beach and Hay Day that won thousands of fans from day one. Sales revenues from all three games  totaled in $1.7 billion in 2014 alone.

2. Daily revenue: $5 million

It has been calculated that Supercell earns around five million bucks per day, solely from CoC. That’s pots of cash, don’t you think so?

3. The Value of Supercell Reached $5.5 billion

Despite a growing number of fun mobile games, SoftBank decided to invest into Supercell in particular, which increased its worth to $5.5 billion.

4. Simultaneous Usage of Five iPads for CoC

What do you know about multitasking? One of the leading CoC players,  George Yao spent half a year playing his favorite game on five iPads simultaneously! To beat competitors and maintain his reputation, he never left his iPads, even when showering.

5. Monthly Expenditure of $7,000

In one interview, CoC’s top performer, nicknamed Panda, confessed that his monthly expenditure on his village reaches seven thousand dollars, which is roughly 7% of his earnings.

6. The Top Super Bowl Commercial in 2015

In 2015, Clash of Clans has won the title of the most viewed commercial during Super Bowl. The add featuring Liam Neeson, who was imitating his character from ‘Taken’, went viral. Besides, it was named the second best Super Bowl commercial.

7. Roughly Half of the Revenue Goes to the Top 10 Performers

Wired has announced that just like other mobile games, CoC attributes a half of its income to only a handful of players. Around 10% of fans make it possible for mobile games to stay free for a wider audience.

8. Over 29 Million People Play CoC Religiously

Re/code claims that the number of active users in Clash of Clans has reached 29.5 million people. Obviously, you are missing a lot if you don’t have CoC account.

9. Clash of Clans is a Project of Only 15 People

Even though there are over 150 employees at Supercell, only 15 of them work on the legendary saga.

10. Multiple Tiers of Troops Are Available

It is possible to play as five distinctive tiers of troops that usually include Heroes and Dark Elixir Troops.

11. See the Builder Catching Some Z’s

When there is not much happening in the game, you can see your builder sleeping in his hut and adoring the nice weather.

12. Facebookers Gave P.E.K.K.A Its Name

In 2012, the company announced a competition for the most suitable name that the acronym P.E.K.K.A can stand for. Facebookers came up with a brilliant answer – Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins. Apparently, creativity is a great trait of CoC players!

13. E.K.K.A Is Damaged by Teslas

Hidden teslas can cause enormous destruction to P.E.K.K.A as its armor is super-conductive, which doubles the damage.

14. E.K.K.A In Disguise

Besides the dragon, P.E.K.K.A. is the only CoC hero that experiences modifications in its appearance as the game evolves.

15. Protection is a Myth

In contrast to many strategy games where you can get extra protection just by a wise corner placement of your base, Clash of Clans does not have such a feature. So, stay alert!

16. Always Consider TH Levels

When planning an attack, take into consideration the Town Hall levels. In case of successfully taking over a TH of the same level as yours, you can benefit from 100% loot of your rival. When attacking TH of higher levels, it is possible to reap even better rewards.

17. Take Care of Your Hero

Remember that your hero is your main asset. Therefore, wait patiently until it will gain the stamina. Be wise when using your hero and do not forget to give it some rest by placing it in the guard mode.

18. Clash of Clans Introduces Immortality

In CoC, the protagonists never die. In case of being badly injured, they just need time to regenerate. How cool is that?