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Not every online game can boast about the fact that its advertising was featured in a Super bowl game. Furthermore, not every saga is popular enough to make such celebrities as Liam Neeson play the role of a gamer. However, Clash of Clans has it all! Even though it is hard to imagine a Finnish company producing mind-blowing games, Supercell managed to do it.Read More Inspired by the accomplishment of its Finnish ‘colleague’ Nokia, Supercell started small. There were only 15 people working on the development of games suitable across platforms. Nevertheless, only in two years, from 2010 till 2012, a lot of things changed: the company expanded to the US and started to work on bespoke games for mobile platforms. Supercell wasn’t working on cross-platform projects any more, and maybe it gave the needed push for a breakthrough. The company created Hay Day, a farming game for mobile users that facilitated impressive engagement from day one. However, Supercell’s developers were thinking about something completely new.  That’s when the idea of the CoC was generated.

They started developing an iconic strategy game, the working title of which was Magic. The game was designed to bring die-hard gamers specializing in real-time strategies to the world of mobile games, which was not easy at all. Seasoned players are well-known for mocking mobile games, saying that the mobile gaming industry is silly and one-dimensional. Supercell had to design a game that will balance out the appeal for amateurs and the level of complexity needed to attract hardcore gamers. Clash of Clans was the exact solution for this dilemma.

According to Paul Tassi, a Forbes journalist for the magazine’s Gaming rubric, the Clash of Clans incorporates a concept of a game, which is not common for many mobile titles. In his review for CoC, he described his experience as ‘fun’. The game aspect of the Clash of Clans made it the first MMO strategy that become as popular as the legendary Final Fantasy or the World of Warcraft. Furthermore, unlike many mobile games, the Clash of Clans incorporates a social aspect, so the players are encouraged to interact in order to succeed. The levels become more challenging, while the plot is developing. Indeed, a lot of strategic thinking is required to fortify your base, plan attacks on other players and improve the skills of barbarian troops.

The CoC was rated as #1 grossing game in the States, which allowed Supercell to earn millions. Furthermore, the company earned thousands of dollars by taking advantage of such concepts as Pay-to-Wait and Freemium. To put it simple, users didn’t have to pay for downloading the game, but they had to spend some money to buy things that would improve their experience from the game. What concerns pay-to-wait, users could wait hours or even days for new levels to unlock. However, they could choose to pay and continue with the game. That is why we have created a unique Clash of Clans Cheats. It’s totally free, and safe for your COC account. Furthermore, our Clash of Clans working hack without referral code. Enter only your COC Name and do CoC cheat. Get as much resources, as you need. Read Less


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